Our professional installation includes mounting the CPE, running a small cable to your router or PC, and insuring you have Internet service at the appropriate service level.

Sand Prairie does provide a managed router service but a router is not included as part of the install or Internet service.

If you are interested in the benefits of our managed router service. Click Here

Yes, there is a one time installation fee. This fee covers the cost of labor for the install and the incidental installation supplies.
Yes, we do require you to be present at the time of installation. Our Installers will need to review with you some of the details regarding house entry and cable placement.
We recommend making 3 hours available for the installation. We will work with you to schedule the installation at a time that is convenient.
Yes, We will have to attach a small device (CPE) to the exterior of your house. Where we attach this device depend upon the service you are requesting. Our Installers will work with you to help facilitate the optimal location.
Yes, our Installers are dedicated to helping provide the best member experience possible.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is the transmission of digital communication by the use of a fixed terrestrial wireless transmitter and receiver.
One of our trained technicians will survey the requested location and find the best option for getting you service.
Possibly. Factors that could affect your service include trees, hills, valleys or other obstacles that could hamper a strong wireless signal to your receiver, but let our trained experts determine if you can receive Sand Prairie service at your location.
Our standard antenna is a white circular dish 18 inches in diameter but we use several different styles of antenna to meet our connection requirements.
A map of our service coverage area is available here.

Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet is the next level of digital communication. It provides better reliability, lower latency and greater throughput than any of the technologies before it. Fiber is the technology that will take us into the next decade and beyond.
We are working delightedly on plans of where we should build next. Help us choose where we go next by Requesting a Site Survey and show us your interested.
The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is the device the converts the light transmitted over the fiber into the electrical signals your computers use to communicate. The ONT is installed on the exterior of your premise adjacent to your electric meter. It is a simple 12 inch by 12 inch grey box with a couple cables entering the ports on the bottom.
Our professional installation includes mounting and aligning the connector to get the best signal, running a small cable to your router or PC, and insuring you have Internet service at the appropriate service level. We will connect to existing networks but do not set up home or business networks as part of the install.

Managed Router

The Managed Router is a turnkey solution that provides the following benefits.
  • Assistance changing your network name and/or passphrase.
  • Ability to troubleshoot devices with poor connections.
  • No-Hassle devices replacement
  • Automatic Firmware Updates
  • Plus much more


Yes, Sand Prairie will work with any cloud based email provider.
Yes, Sand Prairie offers email access to users who want an alternative to cloud providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc).
Sand Prairie allows you to create upto 5 email address with your service.
Yes, Sand Prairie limits your individual mailbox to 1024MB.
If you unfortunately have to switch to a different provider Sand Prairie grants you a grace period, where you will still be able to use your Sand Prairie Email. The grace period will give you the required time to notify all your contacts that your email is changing.