GT5 Fiber Update: Construction begins in north side of The Galena Territory

Residents of the northern section of the The Galena Territory are seeing some construction activity as Sand Prairie begins building the broadband fiber in the GT5 fiber neighborhood. This construction will occur in phases. These premises are located primarily on the northern and northeastern side of Lake Galena, to connect unserved or underserved residents and includes 25 miles of aerial and underground mainline fiber and 32 miles of drop fiber to 420 premises.

The initial focus buildout includes installing main line fiber located starting at JCE Guilford Substation on Guilford Road to the JCE Territory Substation on Thunder Bay Road for the location of the network operations center (NOC) facilities. Crews will also start building towards the Community Center (Marina). The Community Center is required per the Community Connect grant to be operational no later than March 16, 2021. The final phase of fiber broadband service home installations is set to begin Spring/Summer 2021 and be completed by early 2022.     

If you live in GT5, now is the time to sign up if you have not already by completing the sign-up form. If you sign-up before the end of construction, you will receive free installation! If you have already signed up, there is no need to contact us, as our broadband fiber installation team will contact you directly when it is time to connect to your home.